Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hey, look what I got today...

Yvonne's moly came to visit and it is very cool to finally see it in person! Yvonne, I love the theme -- and it's open to so many different interpretations. I already have so many good ideas for it...the only problem is, now I have to narrow it down to one.
Sorry for the picture-heavy post, I got way too excited, especially when I found the secret note inside. It's not every day you get a lobster bib in the mail.
I think this moly and I will have a lot of fun. We'll keep you posted.


Cre8tive Girl said...

ha ha! I'm glad you like the theme:)! You look good in the bib...thats just in case you you make a mess while creating!

Lynne said...

hahaha thats great ! nice pics ( a very creative space you have :-) ) another moly on its second set of pages ....can't wait to see what happens next