Monday, January 11, 2010

So long, farewell

Finally! I finished my entry in Michael's Bump In The Night/Edgar Allen Poe moly. Thanks, Michael and Lynne for your patience -- this one took an extra long time. I've had a ton of fun in this exchange with you guys, but this baby is due to show up any day now, so sadly, I think this is it for me for Moly X 38. I have my own moly here, and Michael's is being posted tomorrow to him, so I think things are all caught up. Thanks for making this such an awesome first Moly X for me. You guys are the best! I hope we can meet up in another group sometime. Take care!

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Lynne said...

Yay! we have all finished our books...

mine has arrived with Kelley ( thanks Michael) for an extra addition which will be its final entry so this little group is officially have both been great and its so nice to have a moly exchange that has finished properly.

Steph, you have exciting and busy times ahead of you now, I wish you the the very best of luck for 2010 with your new baby, dont forget to post some photos!!!!! and when you have the energy or the time in the future I am sure we would love to do another exchange with you, take care x