Saturday, May 23, 2009

fruit loops

I hope Stef doesn't mind, but I wanted to share her absolutely charming addition to my F word Moly.....I love it, frogs, foxes, fruit, fog and fruit loops :-))) Thank you so much !


Lynne said...

and now an apoloy for spelling your name wrong....Steph

Michael Nightmare said...

Glad to see your book made it back! So should we set the first mail out for round 2 for the end of June?

Also steph your entry is great!

essalee said...

Hey, I'm so glad you like it! I can't take any credit for the Froot Loops, however...those were all Yvonne. She gave me some good swirly-things in behind the Froot Loops, too, that I merged into the fog.

I was tidying up my desk today and found the little welcome/instruction sheet for the F Words moly. It must have fallen out before I mailed it...oops! Lynne, I'll send it off to you tomorrow so you'll have it all together soon.

essalee said...

Hey Michael: I'm good for round two if Lynne and Yoda are too. What does everyone think?