Friday, February 27, 2009

Back in the U.S.A

Yvonne your book is back in the U.S!!! I will get on it soon. So exciting to see our first round almost at an end. I hope we are ALL still in for round 2... and maybe a new book after? haha so ambitious


Lady Orlando said...

I'm so glad is there :D

Count me in for round 2 but I have to think about another book. I have my hands full right now :>

Michael Nightmare said...

Yes...another book would be when we are done with round 2 but I also i have many other groups amongst other things so I agree.

Lynne said...

I like the idea of a second round :-)
I also have an idea, so that we can work from a different artist on the next round, how about now sending it backwards?

Essalee said...

I'm totally in for a second round. And I love Lynne's idea of sending it backwards to switch things up.

Michael Nightmare said...

I like the idea of backwards as well
It should keep things interesting and I have yet to send international through one of the exchanges so it would be cool