Monday, December 8, 2008


My entry in Steph's Moly is finally finished! Thanks for letting me
explore my guilty pleasures and art crimes! They are as follows:
Guilty pleasure: My love for the simpsons. I have seen every episode
since it has started and I have all the dvd's so far that have been released
I still never miss an episode. My other guilty pleasure is Coffee. I consider myself to
be a coffee snob. And my art crime is my use of gold pen.
Enjoy the images:


Lynne said...

wow this book looks great! we really seem to be doing well on this exchange...... are we going to do a second round?

Michael Nightmare said...

I was planning on a second round. I would like my whole book filled with art from all of you!
Steph any progress updates on my moly?

Essalee said...

Michael, this is awesome. I love it! Thanks!

Your moly is still in safe hands. Except the hands in question are currently a little slower than usual in finishing moly entries. (sorry!)

I'm in for a second round, too!